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3D and Motion Design

I am making 3D modeling of 2D designs or sketches created by you. The rendering program I use is Blender with Cycles and additional edit of the renders with Adobe programs. The final product is a photorealistic render visualization of your project!

With a 3D visualization, you will easily be able to assess whether your design meets your requirements and visions.

The price of the project comes from the complexity of the it and the implementation time. The bigger the project, the more time I will need.

Examples (as it all depends on the size of the project):

     - Interior design: 2-7 days (for example, for a whole apartment);

     - Exterior design: 2-7 days (depending on whether it is a small house or a building);

     - Game Assets: Depends on the number of items and their complexity;

     - Animation: It depends on the complexity and implementation;

For different kind of projects you can contact me to discuss them!